Libdem’s gain Sherborne Rural Dorset CC seat (with help from Yeovil Constituency and beyond)

by robstickland on 8 June, 2016

The Liberal Democrat’s have gained Sherborne Rural constituency seat from the Tories for Dorset County Council.

This is a great result, not just for Matt, Dorset Libdems etc. but a great result for the Liberal Democrats in the West and wider afield, to prove what we can do if we use resources wisely and really do work together.

As an optimist I was personally keen for us as a local party in Somerset to help our neighbours, I know this is sometimes not practical as we have our own campaigning to do and others weren’t so keen, but felt that on this occasion, as in many to come, it was (and is) important that we all work together to achieve our common goal of raising the profile and standing of the Party, locally and nationally to where we know it should and can be.

Yeovil Libdem’s were an instrumental lead in the promoting and enlisting of help and support in the Dorset campaign, from Theo, our organiser, Yeovil and South Somerset Councillors, SCC candidate Mick Clark and Daisy Benson, a Parish Councillor and member from the Yeovil Constituency area as well as other members from our area. Everyone played their part in getting support by various means and also pitched in and helped too. A Message from the Yeovil Libdem office “personally want to thank the hard work of our members in making sure this happened. Yesterday members from Yeovil made 428 calls and canvassed 169 people.” that is outstanding…

Sadly due to work and other commitments, I wasn’t able to join the campaign personally, but did however follow it on social media etc. and ensure that others in the neighbouring constituencies were aware of it too, Somerton & Frome, Mendip etc. Help came from far and wide to support the local team. I gather also there were people phoning from across the UK yesterday and that ALDC are trying to encourage this for as many marginal by-elections as possible. Something we in Somerset need to keep in mind for future elections…

The inter-party work and camaraderie that I have witnessed has been beyond anything I could have imagined and to be honest has recharged my belief of what we can achieve tenfold. This really was a united ‪#‎libdemfightback‬ with bordering constituencies and some further afield giving fantastic support.
I read one comment from someone outside the local party that “This is best organised campaign I’ve seen in ages. what a Libdem team” says it all…

The positive energy generated by this result with Yeovil Constituency help (and others) is phenomenal and not to be underestimated and should now be a catalyst for future campaigns.

Congratulations to the new Dorset County Councillor, Matthew Hall and the local team.

Yesterday Dorset, next year we can reclaim Somerset County Council – WE CAN DO THIS, WE CAN WIN HERE TOO!!!!

Results for Sherborne Rural By-Election:
Lib Dem 1287
Con 1212
Lab 95
Turnout: 2600 33.84%

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