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The result…

by robstickland on 6 May, 2019

Due to Boundary Commission making changes to South Somerset District Council’s boundaries and a successful election campaign, I have now been elected to represent Yeovil Without (with fellow councillors Graham Oakes and Mike Lock). We look forward to working with and representing the communities and people of Yeovil Without (including seats on Yeovil Without Parish […]

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Thank you (dedicated to Paddy)

by robstickland on 5 May, 2019

Following the long day of the election on 2nd May and patchy sleep to say the least, Friday 3rd May was a wonderful day at the District and Local election count. My own personal result was the best that I could have hoped for. Elected to represent Yeovil Without for District Council, Yeovil Lyde for […]

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Next Councillor Surgery

by robstickland on 9 August, 2018

Rob Stickland for Yeovil East – the Facebook Page

by robstickland on 22 July, 2018

It’s arrived… You can now see community posts for the Yeovil East area via my Facebook page ( Why not follow the link and click LIKE… Blogs will still be here, more to come of those too!!

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The day Paddington paid a visit…

by robstickland on 25 September, 2016

Saturday 24th September 2016 Today is Super Saturday in Yeovil. A day when according to SSDC press release: “Super Saturday to draw the crowds into Yeovil this September – A six foot python, a living statue, music on every corner, craft activities and an eclectic mix of market stalls – all this and more on […]

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by robstickland on 21 September, 2016

@Libdems – A Party on the rise…

by robstickland on 31 July, 2016

Things we’ve heard before: The Libdem’s are finished, heading for extinction… You won’t be surprised to hear, but I disagree. Far from it, wounded from the battering taken at the last General Election, maybe, but still here and rebuilding slowly under the #libdemfightback banner. Since the EU referendum Libdems have GAINED 8 council seats and […]

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Politics is not for everyone, well actually politics is FOR everyone just some choose not to take an active role in it. To quote Daisy Benson (note the name, you will hear a lot more from her in the coming weeks, months, years) “politics is not a profession of choice, it is a vocation”. ┬áThose […]

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Last nights election results (14th July 2016) demonstrate the progress the Party are making with #libdemfightback. Some of our members helped with Trowbridge with a positive result, yet again showing what a combined, structured campaign can achieve. There were very positive results, consisting of 4 wins with an outstanding majority and vote share, also a […]

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The Implosion of British Politics…

by robstickland on 9 July, 2016

Implosion: To collapse, to explode inwards. Also, to fail miserably at something. The political spectrum is something which has always facinated me. How people can hold such diverse views and believe they hold the moral high ground etc. is interesting. I do not condone extreme views but we have to accept they exist. This won’t […]

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