About Me

I was born in Sussex in 1959 and am happily married. Between us my wife and I have 6 children, 9 grandchildren (at present). We relocated to Yeovil in 2004.

I was given the great honour to represent Yeovil East by the residents in 2015, being elected as a Town and District Councillor, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

From an early age I have been involved in community associations.

When I was 12 my father became a Group Scout Leader, which meant I was exposed to the work behind the scenes and the organisation required, for many years. Myself, I have been a Cub Scout, Scout and Venture Scout.

After leaving the Scout Movement, in my spare time, I helped with a Methodist Youth Club as well as playing badminton, football (badly), cricket and stoolball (a Sussex game like cricket but with a raised wicket and 8 ball overs)

I stayed with football and took on the various roles in a youth football club: Assistant Manager, Manager, Fixture Secretary and Chairman. The club had around 10 teams (boys and girls teams) with ages from 7 to 16.

Latterly I have been a carer for my Mother, until she passed away in 2017. She suffered with Vascular Dementia. A challenge which I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for (who is?) but through experience and reading have established a good understanding of this awful disease and have first hand experience of the invaluable work that carers do, and how we cannot manage without their services. I still cannot thank them enough for the support they gave my mother and myself.

Before standing for election, I held the position of Secretary of LD Yeovil East Ward (and still am), sat on the now disbanded Bring Back Yeovil Carnival Group (sadly reinstating the carnival was not viable for the many reasons that became apparent) and chair a local resident’s association, working with others to help and support the local community around home.

I chair the Buildings and Civic Matters Committee and vice-chair Promotions and Activities Committee I also sit on the Policy,Resource and Finance Committee on YTC. For SSDC I sit on the Scrutiny Committee and I am chair of the Yeovil Youth Service Review Group and vice chair of the Cemetery and Crematorium Committee.

I believe that everyone should be given an equal chance in life regardless of background etc. and that everyone should be free to speak and have an opinion. Indeed one of my strengths is that I look at both sides of an argument, sometimes to my own detriment.

What I bring to the ward is:
•A commitment to use my experience for the benefit of the people of Yeovil East, Yeovil in general and South Somerset.
•An understanding of mental health (especially dementia and Alzheimer’s)
•Experience of youth and their needs
•A desire to help and take part in the community as a whole